La sottigliezza delle cose elevate

23 Luglio - 25 Ottobre 2020


Andrea Galvani

Andrea Galvani presents La sottigliezza delle cose elevate, an immersive interdisciplinary project designed especially for the monumental space of Pavilion 9B at the Mattatoio in Rome.

Constructed in 1888-1891 by the celebrated architect Gioacchino Ersoch, the Mattatoio is considered one of the most important industrial landmarks in Rome. From 2002-2018, it was the second seat of the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art, first known as MACRO Future and then MACRO Testaccio, with an expansive exhibition space of 6,000 sqm stretching across two pavilions. Today, under the direction of Azienda Speciale Palaexpo, the Mattatoio juxtaposes its iconic historical structure with some of the most ambitious, foreword-thinking and experimental exhibitions in the international contemporary art world.

Galvani's La sottigliezza delle cose elevate [The Subtleties of Elevated Things] is conceived as an open laboratory, an experiential environment in constant and continuous evolution. The exhibition comes to life through a series of intensive on-site interventions and three-month performance that gradually unfold over the entire duration of the show. Collaborating with the Departments of Physics, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Astrobiology, Molecular Medicine, Biochemical Science, and Electrical Engineering at the Sapienza University of Rome, as well as researchers at CERN and Virgo data analysis group, the artist brings the raw processes of scientific research, computation, and analysis to the center, exposing what is normally invisible to us. La sottigliezza delle cose elevate manifests Galvani's ongoing commitment to honoring the power of human knowledge while simultaneously emphasizing its limits, circumscribing a perimeter of action that moves forward—able to appear and generate itself from its own impossibility.

La Sottigliezza delle cose elevate by Andrea Galvani is the inaugural exhibition in Dispositivi sensibili [Sensitive Devices], a three-year program conceived by Angel Moya Garcia for Pavilion 9B of the Mattatoio, advancing projects by some of the most important international artists engaging performance in their work today.

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