Ciò Che Resta of Paolo Grassino - Icastica, Arezzo 2014

June, 14 - October, 31 2014


Paolo Grassino

ICASTICA means "the art of representing reality". Icàstico (Greek adjective εἰκαστικός «representative», from the Greek word εἰκάζω «to represent») means a representation, which is effective, sharp, hence full of atmosphere and, concise. However, this contextual representation is more than a mere observation of an action taking place on objects: it reaches the dimension of an expressive act going beyond these directions, i.e. this content, up to the specificity of a modal rather than substantial significant.

ICASTICA 2014, is the second edition of a cultural event that deals with international aesthetics, through art, entertainment, research. ICASTICA 2014 focuses on the theme of rebirth, according to the criterion of "positive crisis", that phenomenon that is at the origin of everything, because that is where it originates. When you think about the concept of generation, you cannot separate it from the terms of creative violence from which peace and balance arise. Hence the negative theme as an opportunity…
Art, as material and spiritual dimension of experience, therefore of history, is here to symbolize what is around the "crisis point"; it is everything that surrounds the awareness of the solution; it is catharsis.

Icastica, 2014 - Arezzo, IT

Piazza Carlo Goldoni 2
50123 | Firenze | Italy
T. (+39) 055 661356

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According to the current legislation for the prevention and control of the epidemic of pneumonia due to coronavirus infection, the gallery will be closed until a date to be defined.


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