Tensioni Strutturali #3

View of the installation "375 prepared dc-motors" by Zimoun
View of the installation "(R)EVOLVE" Baptiste Debonbourg
View of the installation "Basin" Daniel Canogar

The Eduardo Secci Gallery is pleased to announce that on Saturday September 23rd, 2017 at 6PM, at its exhibition space in Piazza Carlo Goldoni, Florence, it will inaugurate the group show Tensioni Strutturali #3, curated by Angel Moya Garcia.

The Tensioni Strutturali trilogy has been articulated and conceived as an organic project, broken down into three independent exhibits, which, however, are interconnected between one another, and have been gradually presented in the gallery's exhibition spaces. The first show, carried out in February 2016, focused on the central role of the individual in the construction of perceived space, through environmental installations by Carlo Bernardini, Monika Grzymala, Roberto Pugliese, and Esther Stocker. The second show, inaugurated in November 2016, analyzed the different possibilities of matter as an element of representation, through the works by Davide Dormino, Diamante Faraldo, Andrea Nacciarriti, Marzia Corinne Rossi, and Aeneas Wilder. This last, and final appointment, will showcase an exhibit that seals the trilogy, which will figure site-specific installations by Daniel Canogar, Baptiste Debombourg, Levi Van Veluw and Zimoun, who will explore the entropic process within everyday environments.

Entropy is generally appointed as an orientation that is intrinsic to a system, and which irreversibly loses part of its order, or of its qualities, whereas, in the theory of information, it is associated to what prevents the clarity and uniqueness of a specific message. A tendency to irregularity, to an apparent disorder, in which, probably, there is a concealed balance, even if it is complex and hard to understand, which can provide some indications on daily realities. In this chaotic process, the individual is often lost and attempts to resist to all that is beyond his/her control, creating labels, classi cations and categorizations to try and contrast it, as well as to adopt a strict control system that, to some degree, can guarantee serenity and both a physical and psychological stability.

With this in mind, the four artists who have been invited to participate in this last part of the trilogy, have developed their work as an analysis of both the entropic processes that loom above our every- day lives and of the possible attempts to instill an order, elaborating a taxonomy of the components of reality in order to suggest a potential stable structure or, ultimately, to consciously overlook this intent. From natural and atmospheric phenomena to emotional and psychological states, from historical processes regarding the symbolism of specific shapes to the studies carried out on mechanical and functional rhythms, the exhibit unravels itself as a moment to evaluate and measure the degree of chaos that is present, the possibilities of nding a balance, and the acceptance, throu- gh empirical observation, of the fact that "chaotic" configurations are the most probable ones. And, nally, a series of works that interrogate themselves, in contrasting ways, on the possibilities of building a stable and solid narration, but that, at the same time, ask us to what point we should pursue such research, instead of letting ourselves go in the relentless fallibility of our certainties.

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Daniel Canogar

Daniel Canogar

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