Enrico Boccioletti


The Artist

With his sculptures Boccioletti creates hyper spectral realities that spread, translucent, between the frameworks of the real present, hypothetic futures, and pasts, which appear as different and shimmering. Boccioletti is interested into incompleteness and circularity, duplication and accumulation, waste, layering, forgery, faux-real. In his work, he explores the coexistence of multiple possibilities, playing with the paradoxes of a material world bathing at the source of digital intangibility.
He has previously stated, in regard to his Death In Plains Project: "Everything here was cliché, to evade the arrogance of pathos. Everything here was simulation, to abstain from the hallucination of nature. Everything here was disjointed, to elude the solace of congruence. We'd rather be a ghost story than a history of ghosts".

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Shephard, Desmond & Locke

Shephard, Desmond & Locke
Piazza Goldoni, 2 - Firenze
29.06.2019 - 07.09.2019




Carapelli for art 2019

15.07.2019 - 17.09.2019

Piazza Carlo Goldoni 2
50123 | Firenze | Italy
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