Alessandro Di Pietro


The Artist

Two long and narrow light boxes, of the ORION BLOW series by Alessandro Di Pietro, materialize a digital timeline made of steel, mirrored surfaces and luminous designs. What is usually confined in the graphic interface of video editing software is converted into a physical object, proposing new narrative fields. Time stops to be something unique and impalpable and duplicates, fragments and multiplies. Two moments of a same story are observed at a distance: in the first, a character is frozen in the act of keeping air in his cheeks with filled lungs, while in the second his eyes are lit with flames of flickering red light. Tension emerges from being unable to understand whether they are holding their breath in, if the fired-up eyes are due to the physical effort, or if one is blowing on the eyes of the other, fueling or extinguishing the spark of their relationship.

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Shephard, Desmond & Locke

Shephard, Desmond & Locke
Piazza Goldoni, 2 - Firenze
29.06.2019 - 07.09.2019


Piazza Carlo Goldoni 2
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